What We Do

Social Media Strategies

PR as we know it has changed with the acceptance of social media. Everyone is a content contributor. Emerge PR builds social media plans into its overall media-relations strategy. We target the appropriate social media venues to ensure our clients are engaging with the right audience.

Book Publicity

At Emerge PR, we know how to get winning publicity for authors and their works. Some of our past clients include Patty Seybold, Geoff Moore, Jothy Rosenberg and Code Halos. We work with each author to determine key publicity goals and then supplement their book marketing efforts with demand generation and awareness building campaigns for each.

Content Creation

Emerge PR utilizes professional writers as well as former journalists to provide our clients with the most effective and well-written content for press releases, blog posts, twitter feeds, customer success stories, and contributed byline articles.

Proactive Media Relations

All PR firms offer media relations; it’s the cornerstone of what we do. Emerge PR creates a steady stream of news and coverage that clearly articulates our clients’ vision and effectively positions them in their respective markets. We do this through researching current trends for us to leverage, pitching corporate and product news, thought leadership articles, and customer success stories. We also organize press tours for business, technology, and vertical market coverage. Talking to the press sometime soon? Print this handy list of tips before your next interview!

Analyst Relations

Industry and financial analysts help shape markets, and their recommendations guide many technology-buying decisions. They are an audience that has a lot of influence on our clients. We design programs that target the most influential analysts, and we work with our clients to build strategic relationships with them.

Influencer relations

Industry events and conferences are key to keeping up on market trends and meeting and networking with journalists, bloggers, industry pundits, customers and partners. Emerge PR enables its clients to get in front of and influence this crucial audience.

Customer Care Programs

This element focuses on your relationships and the recruitment, training, and management of customers who are interested in participating in press and analyst tours, media releases and success stories, and speaking engagements, among other co-marketing opportunities.

Thought Leadership Publicity

Emerge PR has a well-established program specifically for building thought leadership publicity campaigns for each of its clients. We look for the key differentiated points of view and build programs around that foundation.