Client Testimonials

As the saying goes, you’re known by the company you keep. In our case, our extended community of contacts, what we call the Emerge Collaborative, is an additional value we offer our clients. We are plugged into the business community, from the venture capital community to publishing houses to dynamic CEO’s and CIO’s and complementary marketing, design and advertising firms, both domestically and internationally. Our business partners form a collaborative community that thrives on networking and relationship brokering. We make this a way of interacting with everyone in our community.

"I have worked with Emerge PR for six years now and trust their strategic counsel and ability to deliver results to my public relations campaigns."

-Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek, Vice President, Marketing, Quaero Corporation

"Emerge PR did an amazing job to quickly and effectively orchestrate a robust product launch including a review program, press interviews and live media events that generated the awareness and interest we needed."

-Jeffrey Swain, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, CardScan

"Emerge PR is an agency that delivers strategic results and always brings senior talent to the table."

- Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz & Associates, author, analyst and speaker

"Emerge PR has been an excellent partner for NewVantage. We face a distinct brand challenge – maintaining our executive thought leadership position, which is relationship driven – while expanding awareness of our firm to executives beyond word-of-mouth and personal referrals. Emerge has helped us work with the press and analyst communities to extend the reach of our executive thought leadership message in a way that is tasteful, discrete, and consistent with our role as trusted advisors to Fortune 500 C-level management."

- Randy Bean, Managing Partner, NewVantage Partners